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Episiotomy and Second Degree Perineal Tears : Hands-on Workshop



0900h:  Registration and Coffee


0930h   Introduction


0945h   Anatomy of the pelvic floor, perineum and anal sphincters


1030h    Anorectal Physiology


1100h    Diagnosis of anal sphincter injuries


1145h                         COFFEE


1200h   Video on diagnosis               


1210h   2nd degree tears and Episiotomy


1240h   Episiotomy repair video


1300h                         LUNCH


1345h   Third and fourth degree tears repair


1415h   Video - Repair of 3rd/4th degree tears


1430h   Prevention of OASIS with perineal support


1445h   Management of complications of vaginal delivery


1515h             COFFEE


1530h   Video of episiotomy repair in animal tissue


1540h   Video on anal sphincter repair in pig


1600h   Hands-on repair of episiotomy and anal sphincter in animal tissue


1730h                         END